20210404: Time

I came across ‘The Tail End‘ a few years ago.

My main takeaway: we need to spend our time consciously, especially with the people we care about.

It also freaked me out, as in: “OMG, how have I been wasting my time!”

I was so disturbed, I sat down and did some calculations.


  • a long life (90 years)
  • the ability to do whatever we want
  • adult life starting from 20 years of age (so adult years = 70 years)
  • we spend no more than 8 hours a day doing that one thing (this makes it easy to think about, as if it were your job)

If we spent 15 minutes every day on one thing, by the end of our lives (20-90 years), we would have spent almost 3 months and 10 days “on the job”.

If we spent an hour a day on one thing, the total amount of time spent “on the job” is a whopping 8 years and 9 months!

It’s (still) so mind-boggling after all these years.

And yet, I still “work on” lots of TV and spend time tap, tap, tapping away on my mobile game.


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